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            World Bank & ICZM Project
            Institutional & Implementation Arrangements
            Challenges in Coastal Area Management
            ICZM Project Financing
      ICZM Project & West Bengal
            Vision and Strategy
            Objectives and Indicators
            Principles & Design Features
            Project Area Description
            Project Description and Scope
            Project Progress
            Economic Analysis
      What We Do
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           Coastal Plan and Policies
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      Project Components
           Containment of Coastal Erosion
           Coastal Environment Quality Management
                 Digha-Sankarpur Area
                 Sagar Island
           Tourism Promotion at Coastal Areas
           Livelihood Development & Generation in Coastal Area
                 Livelihood Generation in DSDA Area
                 Post-harvest Handling & Fish Auction Centre
                 Livelihood Generation in Sagar Island
            Coastal Zone Hazard Mitigation
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            ICZM Plan preparation
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      Know Our Coast
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                 Living Resources
                 Non-living Resources
           Coastal Hazards
                 Coastal Erosion
                 Climate Change and Sea Level Rise
                 Pollution of Coastal Water
                 Natural Disasters Issues
                 Hazards from Manís activities
                 Livelihood Issues and Conflicts
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