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Tourism Promotion at Coastal Areas

Beach Beautification and Illumination

Digha is one of the most important tourist spots in West Bengal. People mostly from the middle class families prefer this sea side resort for easy accessibility from Calcutta and elsewhere in the State. A large part of the tourist population comprises day-trippers who generally visit on week ends mainly for recreational purposes, holidaying or enjoying in fiesta. One of the major problems faced at Digha is the absence of recreational items that can attract a larger mass of tourists to stay here for a longer time than making a short trip as is now the usual practice. To target visits of more tourists as a means to boost the local tourism industry, attempts have been made to create amenities that can play a positive role in causing more footfalls of the visitors to this sea side resort. Among such amenities, beautification of the long stretch of beach has been considered very important. It has been planned to adequately beautify the available spaces along the beach embankment, cross roads and seaward side of the arterial road traversing in east-west direction parallel to the sea by creating landscaped gardens, greeneries for amusement of the visitors and at the same time for providing further amenities for recreation. Along with this type of beautification, area illumination and garden illumination have also been given due attention. The DSDA authorities have initiated works of illumination along the beach embankment and the proposal made here will complement the efforts initiated by the DSDA. Schemes for beach beautification and illumination at Sankarpur have not been proposed in this DPR as Sankarpur beach first need major protection measure and development of an arterial road parallel to the beach.

The beach at Digha stretches 5 km in east-west direction covering both old Digha and new Digha. The sea front at Digha looses much of its attractiveness due to near absence of properly designed parks and gardens spatially distributed along the beach. In fact, the tourists roaming along the beach to enjoy the scenic beauty have got no halting facilities to fully enjoy their visit. In order to mitigate the deficiency, it has been proposed to create a number of parks and landscaped garden with seat outs along the beach embankment where tourists gather in large number. The landscaped gardens have been designed to include visually pleasant garden pathways, water bodies, greeneries and tree plantation to create the right ambience for enjoyment of scenic beauty. To beautify the gardens adequately, illumination by providing low height post mounted garden light fixtures with energy efficient 1x11 watt CFL lamps has been proposed.

Grass lawns will be created by depositing and spreading good earth mixed with manure in the proportion of 1:1.The grass sods will be planted at the interval of 50mm in either row. The grass lawns thus created will be maintained for 2 months by watering and after that mowing will be resorted to for presenting a uniform green surface. Holes 600 mm in dia up to 600 mm in depth will be dug and the holes will subsequently be filled up with good earth mixed with damp manure in the proportion 2:1. Trees will be planted and tree guards made of split bamboo will be erected for the protection of saplings. For flower gardens, trenches upto 600mm will be dug and the empty trenches will be filled up with good earth mixed with manure. The flowering trees will be planted on the filled up trenches and will be maintained with watering as necessary. For hedging, similar trenches will be made and filled up with good earth mixed with manure for plantation of hedges and shrubberies. 50 mm dia. posts 8 ft high conforming to appropriate metal coat will be provided with 1x11W CFL lamp.


The cost towards implementation of the three components of works (B.1 – Beach cleaning and sanitation at Digha, C.2 - Livelihood Generation in DSDA Area and C.3 - Beach Beautification and Illumination at Digha) to be implemented by DSDA is Rs 4109.44 lakhs and the project cost to be financed Rs 4092.94 lakhs.