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Coastal Zone Hazard Mitigation

Construction of Multi-Purpose Cyclone Shelters

The Sundarban Delta Complex which has geo-genetic link to the tectonic Bengal Basin known for its startling coastal landforms that include back dunal mudflats, back swamps, saltmarshes and tidal creeks enshrouded with mangrove vegetation, low gradient supratidal and intertidal shores with mud bank, swales and berms, rivulets, tidal flats etc. However despite the mind boggling floral and faunal diversity Sundarban is very much vulnerable to natural hazards e.g. storm surge, flood, tidal wave, cyclone etc.

The ICZM Project understands that fructification of the project can be done only when the people living on the vulnerable coastal zones can be safeguarded to a certain extent from the natural calamities like flood, cyclone, hail storm, thunder squall and sometimes even to tsunamis that occurred due to geo-morphological, climatic and seismic conditions.

Department of Disaster Management, Government of West Bengal has been entrusted with the construction, operation and maintenance of the proposed Multi-Purpose Cyclone Shelters (MPCS) as envisaged in the ICZM Project.  
The construction of MPCS will not only pave the way for increasing the resilience of the communities during calamity, but also opening avenue for social coordination and enhanced capacity to shoulder responsibility by operating the shelters in a gainful pro-social way.       

The MPCS has a multi–pronged approach in catering to the needs especially of the disadvantaged sections of the populace through a string of activities such as:-

  1. Minimization of loss of lives, property and livestock by providing it shelters during cyclone calamity
  2. MPCSs will act nodal points for receipt and dissemination of cyclone warnings
  3. MPCSs will provide the warehousing facilities of essential stocks/ items for post disaster usage
  4. The nodal points for carrying out post disaster response and relief activities will be from MPCSs
  5. MPCSs will also provide temporary protection from the heavy downpour during the monsoon and also from the scorching heat during the summer to the shelter less people
  6. Basic health services like immunization programmes can be administered through these MPCSs
  7. MPCSs will acts models for safe construction in vulnerable seismic zones