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Livelihood Development

Livelihood development for the coastal community is one of the major assignments which this project envisages to accomplish. The fructification of the ICZM Project can’t be concretized until and unless there is considerable improvement in the standard of living of the coastal communities in respect of socio-economic terms. Improvement that will be achieved should be tuned in such a manner that it can self-sustain itself after the completion of the Project. A multi-pronged approach has been taken for the livelihood development in the coastal areas of West Bengal.

Initial piloting will be done at Sagar Island. Entire livelihood development at Sagar Island would be executed by SHGs operating under the guidance of NGOs. The major focus of this livelihood programme is not only clinging on to the age old concepts of nurturing the SHGs in an incrementalist  manner but to have a visualization of a great leap forward that may bring a quantum change on the standard of living of the vulnerable sections inhabiting in Sagar Island. The motto of this project is to transform these SHGs into CIGs and later into Producer Groups functioning under a federated body. The logic behind the formation of a federated body and/or producer group is for attaining the economies of scale and enhancing the collective bargaining capacity of the CIGs/SHGs.