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Livelihood Development & Generation in Coastal Area

Livelihood Generation in Sagar Island

An estimated 15000 families constitute the poor and marginalized in Sagar Island. Of these 8000 to 10000 families live in close proximity to embankment areas. The poor are either landless or small and marginal farmers. They work as agricultural labourers and wage labourers in fishing trawlers. Those living close to the water engage in prawn/shrimp seed collection. Livelihood assessment in Sagar Island reveals that there are not any livelihoods that are exclusively practiced by the poor except for shrimp seed collection. However, the scale in which the poor practice their livelihoods is very small compared to the non-poor. Further the number of employment/work days of the poor is relatively less. Also the poor are not engaged in any kind of value addition activities thus occupying the lower rungs of the value chain.

Therefore the component proposes the following to enhance the livelihoods of the Sagar islanders:

  • Organize women and youth around savings, credit and micro-insurance in to SHGs
  • Undertake participatory livelihoods
  • Include pro-active eco-support and natural resource enhancing activities like RWH, tourism and tourism-based livelihoods
  • Include livelihoods enabling infrastructure like vocational training centres, procurement centres, worksheds for enterprises, shops/outlets, skill building centres
  • Facilitate bank linkages and convergence with other programs
  • Utilize the maintenance funds for embankment for enhancing livelihoods as revolving funds
  • Build skills of the youth in vocational training centres for meeting the services required in the island
  • Explore the employment opportunities outside the island and provide them training in these opportunities for placement

The budget for the livelihood component of the five year Sagar pilot is Rs 2779.00 lakhs with the following work element break-up:

Work Item

Support for institutions of livelihood

Community mobilization – Institution and capacity building

Funds to the community for enhancing livelihood

Revolving funds for community institutions

Funds for skills for gainful employment

Funds for livelihoods and business development

Incentive funds for pro-poor GPs

Funds for innovative ideas in livelihood

Support to livelihood – capacity building

Support to livelihoods – livelihoods and business support