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Tourism Promotion at Coastal Areas

Modernization of Marine Aquarium, Establishment of a Marine Museum & Interpretation Centre

Marine Museum: The Marine Museum which is to come up will promote education, research and training in conservation and sustainable development of marine resources, and a rational deployment of biotechnology. Among its facilities are the free standing exhibition tanks, live open water reef exhibition centre, live shallow reef exhibition centre, mangrove walk, contemporary Marine and Maritime Museum, Multimedia Interactive Information Kiosk, and Sipadan deep dive diorama. Exhibits of the museum can act as reference for educational, and research programmes and will help the visitors to appreciate, understand and work in maintaining and sustaining the varied marine and coastal natural resources of especially in the coastal zones adjacent to the state of West Bengal.

The museum shall exhibit issues on:

  • The natural history of coastal marine fauna including seabirds.
  • Current research activities of MARC, Digha.
  • The marine ecosystems i.e. Coral Reefs, Mangroves, Sea grasses etc.
  • Awareness creation on conservation through display of models of cetaceans i.e.
  • whales, dolphins, dugongs, and etc.                                                                                            

Interpretation Centre: The proposed Interpretation Centre will aid in generating and sustaining public understanding and appreciation of the marine environment. It also provides an insight to:

  • Marine Biodiversity and endangered species.
  • Fishing methods, edible fishes and their conservation.
  • Impacts of climate change and sea level rise.
  • Coastal pollution- cause and effects; their prevention and control.
  • Threats to natural habitats- coral reefs, mangroves, sea grass and also their conservation.
  • Sea exploration- minerals, sea mounts and hydrothermal vent animals.
  • Sustainable development including pollution prevention and control.

The interpretation centre will have visually–stimulating colour photos, and graphics. It will also contain well-preserved specimens and artefacts, including both hands on and hands off items.

C.  Modernization of Marine Aquarium: To renovate and upgrade the existing aquarium to a high standard. The following issues are proposed to be attended:

  • Upgradation of the existing filtration system of the aquarium and to make it semi-closed.
  • Recycling of the exchanged water.
  • Removal of Total Dissolved Solids through efficient mechanism.
  • Utilization of U.V. sterilizers, one at the multi bed pressure filter and other at the discharge area of the storage tank. This will make water recycling more effective and will give pathogen free water.
  • Inclusion of Micron filters to remove suspended particles thereby increasing the effectiveness of U.V. sterilizers.