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Pilot Investment Executing Agencies

The West Bengal ICZM Project component will be implemented by the following agencies:-

  • Digha-Sankarpur Development Authority
  • Public Health Engineering Directorate, Government of West Bengal
  • West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited
  • West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Limited
  • Sundarban Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited
  • Zoological Survey of India
  • Department of Disaster Management, Government of West Bengal
  • Forest Directorate, Government of West Bengal
  • Institute of Environmental Studies and Wetland Management
  • Department of Bio-chemistry, University of Calcutta
  • West Bengal State Rural Livelihood Mission (Anandadhara)

Roles and responsibilities of the Pilot Investment Executing Agencies

The main function of the Pilot Investment Executing Agencies would be to plan and implement the pilot investments and put in place institutional arrangements and other resources needed for satisfactory operation and maintenance of the assets created on a sustainable basis. This will particularly require:-

  1. Preparing Detailed Project Reports as per nationally accepted technical standards and specifications, seeking appropriate technical and administrative approvals from within their respective own departments and the SPMU.
  2. Collaboration and coordination with the other government departments, local government bodies, NGOs, CBOs and coastal communities.
  3. Procurement of works and goods as per the standard operating procedures.
  4. Construction/installation of facilities including contract management and day to supervision, ensuring compliance with project’s safeguard policies, certifying works and making payments and preparing completion reports, and
  5. Managing project funds including compliance with the agreed Financial Management policies and procedures. The PEAs would report to the respective SPMUs in regard to implementation progress and performance of the pilot investments and provide technical, administrative, accounting and audit and other progress reports as required by SPMU. The sharing of roles and responsibilities – including administrative and fiduciary arrangements - between the SPMUs and the PEAs have been agreed and documented in the signed bilateral MOUs.