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Livelihood Development & Generation in Coastal Area

Post-harvest Handling & Fish Auction Centre

A temporary auction market comprising shanties/thatched sheds for auction of marine fish is functioning at Digha Mohana for more than two decades. It is proposed to construct a permanent marine auction market at Digha with the required ancillary facilities to accommodate increased volume of fish trade in a hygienic environment.

The project facilities will include

  • one auction hall with 104 auction places (5 m x 6 m) with a proposed covered area having a dimension of about 93 m x 85 m,
  • proper drainage system with 600 mm diameter hume pipe (NP-3) covered drain with discharge at effluent treatment plant,
  • internal road network with concrete paved 3.5 m wide carriage way and two main entrances and exits,
  • one box washing room with suitable washing system and disinfecting arrangements outside the auction hall,
  • one public change room in between two entrances,
  • feet washing place at the downstream side of every entrance gate with disinfecting sink and appropriate drainage, treatment and disposal of waste water,
  • public utility with toilet and bathing facilities and appropriate drainage, treatment and disposal of waste water,
  • electrical installations with street lighting and spot lamps at auction places,
  • fire fighting system with 25 fire extinguishers and provisions of emergency exits,
  • waste water management system,
  • cold storage and flake ice plant,
  • connecting road and
  • quality control laboratory.

The project will be implemented by West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Limited with a total Project cost of Rs 601. 72 lakhs.