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Sundarban Interpretation Center

IESWM in collaboration with Tagore society for Rural Developmentwill construct Sundarban-an interpretation centre which will reflect the interaction of Science, Technology and Society in the Sundarbans. The proposed interpretation Centre is coming up at Rangabelia at the Gosaba Block of South 24 Pargana district of the state of West Bengal. Unlike a traditional museum-like institution only with visual impact, the Sundarbanis planned to involve all five senses of visitors - the visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile perceptions leading to a complete understanding of the impact of environment on the life of a common man. With its richness of hands-on exhibits, interactive computer multimedia, target-oriented training facilities, fully computerized information bank with cyber library and exposure to creativity, the Sundarban is aimed at the betterment of life through emotional involvement of the local populace. The mainobjectives behind the development of Sundarban are to develop spirit of inquiry by encouraging curiosity and questioning process, and create a scientific temper in the society and to inculcate an ability to identify the problems and work towards appropriate solution with scientific attitude for betterment of the lives of the people of the Sundarbans.

Sundarban will provide a plethora of items showcasing various debatable topics in common parlance e.g.

  • The Sundarbans - study of geo-morphology, environment and ecology
  • Soil Management - causes and effects of soil erosion, remedial measures, protection of
    the embankment
  • Disaster Management - protection from Cyclone, Flood, Tsunami and resulting salination
  • of soil
  • Global Warming -- contributing factors, resulting disasters and protection
  • Freedom from Hunger -- agriculture, animal husbandry, apiary, pisciculture
  • Health & Nutrition - public health and hygiene, cause of diseases and health services,
    malnutrition and balanced food
  • Shelter - cost-effective disaster-proof housing, disaster shelters
  • Renewable Energy -- solar, bio-gas, tidal - both indoor and outdoor exhibits
  • Transport & Communication
  • People & Culture
The Interpretation Centre will deploy various communication techniques and tools for demonstrating audio-visual effects of eco-degenerating and eco-friendly on-goings supported by scientific and technological inputs for proper understanding of commoner for the very existence of the Sundarbans and its inhabitants.